About Sherborn

Sherborn is a small semi-rual community located about 18 miles southwest of Boston.

Settled in 1652 and incorporated in 1674, the town is proud of its rural heritage. This heritage is still evident in active farms and orchards, winding tree-lined roads and preserved in Town Forest and other extensive public lands.

A high degree of volunteerism due to strong citizen support for town projects, and commitment to excellence in public education, characterize the community's values today, as they have for more than 300 years.

Town Information

Settled: 1652
Incorporated: 1674

Population: 4,119
Density: 250/sq mi

Land Area: 16.0 sq mi
Water Area: 0.2 sq mi

Town History

Primarily a farming community until the early part of the 20th century, Sherborn now is a bedroom town for Boston and the surrounding hi-tech area.


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