About Brookline

Brookline is a suburban town in Norfolk County which shares borders with the cities of Boston and Newton.

Brookline features a mixture of urban and suburban living, upscale shops and recreational parks, apartment buildings and large estates. Along with offering both a city atmosphere and a feeling of being in the country, there is a wide mix of people in Brookline. It is the home of many academic and scientific professionals who work at the nearby medical centers in Boston.

Town Information

Settled: 1638
Incorporated: 1705

Population: 58,732
Density: 8,637/sq mi

Land Area: 6.8 sq mi sq mi
Water Area: 0.0 sq mi

Town History

Once part of Algonquian territory, Brookline was first settled by European colonists in the early 17th century. In 1705, it was incorporated as the independent town of Brookline. The northern and southern borders of the town were marked by two small rivers or brooks, hence the name.


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